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Invest 30-minutes on a call with a senior Crosslake IT strategist, and you’ll see the advantage of working with us in the context of your specific situation.

Top 13 Areas Of Concern For Enterprise Digital Modernization. Focus the conversation around these ideas learned from the former Global Head Of Digital Strategy and Architecture at HSBC.

Leading enterprise digital modernization and compliance automation

Our clients partner with us to help them stay ahead of an ever-changing technical and diverse regulatory landscape.

Your highly-vetted Crosslake team has comprehensive experience achieving outstanding results for organizations like HSBC, Discover, Microsoft, Walmart, Boeing, Disney, and many other top-tier enterprise organizations.

We realize your situation is unique.
There are a lot of ways we can add value in a continual development/continuous improvement culture. Invest 30-minutes on a call with us, and you’ll see the advantage of working with Crosslake in the context of your specific situation.

Software as a Service (SaaS)...

In the face of fierce market competition, agile practices and data-driven research have never been more central to product development success.

Your Crosslake team can help you avoid common obstacles, like overspending, the modernization of monstrous legacy systems, to mitigate risk and prevent security issues.

Crosslake team members have achieved results for Adobe, Intuit, Cisco, and Microsoft. Your organization can rely on us to help your team overcome the challenges of delivering a quality SaaS product to your market that offers a distinct and competitive user experience.

Insurance and healthcare...

If your organization is like our other clients in the insurance and healthcare industry, compliance with government requirements and mandates and a shifting landscape toward value-based care is at the top of your list.

Many leaders in the insurance industry are deeply concerned about threats to company growth stemming from over-regulation, the break-neck speed of technological change, shifting customer behavior, and emerging competition.

Your Crosslake team has experience driving transformation at scale and at pace while bridging the gap between strategy and execution for companies like Mitchell and Captiva.

Financial services and retail banking...

You’re undoubtedly concerned about the opportunities, challenges, and potential pitfalls surrounding digital modernization and automating Open Banking regulatory compliance.

Our team plays an integral part in helping top-tier FINTECH companies like HBSC, Discover, Fair Isaac (FICO), and First Republic Bank to optimize and enhance their culture and capabilities for digital change.

Notable success

Cloud Migrations

Migration to PaaS

SonarQube implementation

Future-proof your enterprise architecture with Crosslake Tech.

We develop, modernize, and integrate mission-critical systems. We focus on strategic improvements to enterprise architecture and developmental processes in a way that aligns with your company’s core business objectives.

  • Drive revenue, optimize development costs, and reduce time to market
  • Engineer systems that empower your organization with a true competitive advantage
  • Establish a unified, innovative, and distinct customer experience
  • Architect future-proof systems that work at scale
  • Due-diligence: Enterprise Architecture Assessment & Modernization

Benefit from a team that has over 1,000 years of combined IT experience

The average Crosslake team member has over 20 years experience as an IT professional working with hundreds of enterprise organizations, private equity groups, and capitalized startups.

Founded in 2008, Crosslake helps companies build and run better software.

From strategic vision to planning and architecture and through development and execution, Crosslake works to transform and optimize software delivery.

In addition to our functional skills in software development, Crosslake’s team of senior software professionals provides end-to-end value with expertise in management consulting and advisory services providing both strategic and tactical insight.

Your Crosslake team represents equal measures of hands-on architecure expertise and strategic transformational leadership in top-tier enterprise environments.

Meet Wayne Filin-Matthews, Global Head of Software Strategy at Crosslake Technology

Wayne has over three decades experience in the IT industry. He and his team of veteran Architects have a proven track record of transforming enterprise architecture practices across all phases of the IT life-cycle, from strategy and execution through adoption.


  • Global Head of Digital Architecture at HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management in Hong Kong.
  • Director of Business Transformation Programs within the worldwide office of the Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft
  • Technology and Consulting Senior Manager at Accenture
  • Open Group Distinguished Architect (Profession Lead)
  • University of Oxford Said Business School
  • Harvard Business School


If you’re like most of our clients then you’re a seasoned leader who is motivated by the challenge to create new and unique solutions and build efficient and productive teams that are user-focused. You invest in quality team members and encourage them to work as a single unit to consistently deliver products that exceed customer needs.

You want to develop future-proof solutions that continually improve customer value through a consistent and unified experience. You’re continually looking for ways to innovate. You want your organization to become safely disruptive under your leadership so that your enterprise can cement its position as a global market leader in the finance industry.


Do you feel concerned about engineering velocity and keeping up with the pace of change? Many of our clients often feel overwhelmed by the challenges at hand. They’re typically apprehensive about the risk involved in taking the next steps to execute successfully.


Our team of former Sr. Executives/Practitioners have felt the pressure to deliver faster and safer solutions at financial service enterprises like yours. Like you, each of us has been in the trenches and possess deep technical expertise in software architecture, development, and management in financial services and across the broader ecosystem. Plus, we have a documented track-record of affecting meaningful change, so you can feel confident about your decision to work with us. 

Like you, we thrive in environments of change with aggressive growth objectives, companies with burning platforms, or those in need of transformation or turnaround. We begin by clarifying your vision. Next, we work with you to identify and prioritize specific challenges. Then, together we develop a clear plan to remove barriers whether they are organizational or technical.


If your dream for your enterprise is innovating quicker, developing faster, and  leading the competition, then schedule a complimentary consult with us today.

Technical due-diligence

Tools Consolidation for $225K Cost Savings and Faster Time to Market

Born from the merger of two companies, The Company, a privately-held enterprise company, empowers people and businesses with end-to-end, industry-specific solutions to address complex business challenges. The software applications and professional business services enable more than 9,000 customers across more than 100 countries, to satisfy their customers, operate most efficiently, and stay at the forefront of their industry. The Company has more than 5000 employees with offices in 18 countries. Access the full case study

“Crosslake has been assisting since our acquisition and subsequent merger with another company resulting in a large product portfolio, broad range of engineering systems and tools. It was a significant effort to integrate the engineering teams, standardize our engineering processes and to rationalize our product portfolio. Crosslake was a tremendous help to us in all of those areas, with their recommendations and assistance in implementation, we were able to see immediate results and transformation within our organization.”

Jenny P.
VP Engineering

Digital modernization

Leveraging Pivotal Cloud Foundry in Migrating a Legacy Application to Microservices

The large financial services company had a SaaS application that provided its customers the ability to manage their various financial accounts and services. The application simplified the many back-end services and databases that had grown over the years. While providing needed functionality to customers, the application was and is a monolith. It was a size-able application that had classes for a consumer financial environment. And while only a couple of years old, the software had already grown significantly in complexity to the point that the internal coupling limited the team’s ability to implement much-needed change. Access the full case study

Following a two-day inception session, our team spent six weeks beginning the process of modernizing the application. The project scope included carving out 1-2 modules while moving them from the existing Java Spring Web application into Spring Boot microservices. All of the application and microservices would be deployed in a stable, reliable and resilient PCF environment.

An underlying objective in all of our work was to ensure that the client and the Pivotal/Crosslake teams all worked seamlessly together to ensure that not only was the architecture evolving, but so was the organization and its processes. We documented all repeatable processes in a sort of “cookbook”, building out the recipes as work progressed. This was a critical measure of success of the project.

Optimized QA Practices

Leads to Productivity and Quality Improvements

The company is a leading worldwide business software provider and has a SaaS application which provides next-generation student information system for colleges and universities. The client’s SaaS application was constantly growing (more features were added) and we had to find a way to increase the amount of test cases, reduce testing times and improve the overall quality without introducing additional testing time. Crosslake proposed two phases to improve the overall quality of the product. Our approach to advance testing focused on increasing test coverage and reducing testing times.
  • Increasing test coverage
  • Reducing testing times
Access the full case study
  • Within a 3-month time-frame increased test cases 15x resulting in the prevention of 115 high severity defects being released to customers resulting in fewer escalations and less firefighting post deployment.
  • Increased regression test coverage without introducing additional testing time.
  • Automating a high value smoke test led to higher percentage of defects identified in the early stage of testing and improving test efficiencies.
  • Introducing a multi-layered test automation strategy positions the Company for further reduction in test cycle times and reduced maintenance.
  • Lower total cost of ownership through introduction of offshore test automation delivery.
  • Developed enhanced status reporting and bi-weekly metrics to dashboard to track progress.

When to contact Crosslake...

When you are ready to help your enterprise innovate quicker, develop faster, and lead the competition.

When you are concerned about losing market share, brand reputation, unsatisfied customers, employee attrition, risk mitigation, or building a future-proof legacy.

Its time to talk to Crosslake Tech. We can help you…

  • Automate digital regulatory compliance.
  • Bridge the gap between digital modernization strategy and execution.
  • Optimize and enhance your culture and capabilities for digital change.

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